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Fashion Doll Quarterly premiered in the Fall of 2003 with the Premiere issue, MOVEMENT. Each quarterly issue has a theme to define it. To this day, we strive to give our readers the best content, whether it is beautiful photography, insightful articles or news and events. We also feature crafts, patterns and artist interviews. Please feel free to reference our archive if you are looking for a particular article. Most of our issues are sold out but you may find back issues with our retailers. You can order single issues or back issues by clicking the girls on the left.


premiere Beauty Fashion Hollywood
Movement: The beginning of the articulation trend and the rise of Fashion Royalty. Beauty: What is it? Artist Sherry Miller, Sandra Bilotto and others share their version of what is beautiful. Fashion: Profile on CED Dolls, independent deisgners like Randall Craig and Laurent Tabaray and our first major decorative feature. Sold out. Hollywood: Everyone's favorite star, Gene Marshall. The beautiful stars of stage and screen in vinyl. Sold out.
MEN Home Brides Intl.
It's not just about male dolls, it's also about the men who collect and design them! Why do men collect dolls, Volks of Japan. Sold out. Doll décor? It was the beginning of yet another big trend, as designers like Retroworks and Oo Bleu introduce furniture collections for 16-inch dolls. Sold out. Brides: We debut our first exclusive doll, Poesie Sans Coleur, a Vanessa Perrin giftset by Jason Wu. Wedding designs by Red Silk Thread and more. Sold out. The allure of the international doll, like Volks, Susie, Pullips, Momoko and Jenny. The world of international artists and global events as far as Australia.
Pop Couture Retro Travel
POP! The new Mssr. Z ladies, complete with artwork by the master. Bold bright colors, and mod fashions. Sold out. Tim Alberts creates elegant couture for Cissy. The lost Gratitude Mannequins of France (the follow up to the Theatre de la Mode). Sold out. Retro- Gene returns under the auspices of Integrity. The importance of Barbie, seventies dolls like Rock Flowers and Dawn. Sold out. The introduction of Volks new SD16 series featuring our own exclusive Olivia, plus Amanda Lepore, Kinetic dolls. Sold out.
rock Icon SciFi Accessories
Rock- Somers & Fields,Gene at FAO, IFDC, BarbieCon, Dolpa LA. Icons- Desperate Housewives, licensed characters, favorites in the doll universe. SciFi: BJDs, Luna and The Little Martians, Battlestar Galactica and lots of surprises. One of readers favorites! Sold out. Accessories- Every doll has to have them! Bill Greening on the new Pivotal Barbie, Project Dollway and Dolpa2. Sold out.
Art Gothic Glamour Hair
Art: FDQ introduces Jason Wu's newest concept, Valia. How dolls are art and muse alike. Sold out. .Gothic- Meet Evangeline Ghastly, the most goth of fashion dolls to hit the scene. Event coverage, Rufus Blue debut. Sold out. Glamour- Barbie's glam moments, Sybarites, Dressmaker Details Couture, Jeremy Voss stirs up trouble for Tyler Wentworth.Sold out Hair- The ongoing wig trend, SteamPunk, Barbie's bubblecut, Volks SD16 Swans. Sold out.
Anniversary YinYNF CoolBrit Vitage
Fifth Anniversary Issue- Paul Pham's new Numina, and our exclusive Grey. Joan Crawford in cinyl, Lara Croft, MJDs in their birthday suits. Yin Yang- The drama of the opposites. Introducing Vita, convention coverage, Zita Charles and Ellowyne Wilde. Sold out. Cool Brittania- Cheers to all things British! Great Queens, Stacey Twiggy, Dr. Who, Mary Quant and Carnaby Street. Vintage Issue: A salute to Barbie's 5oth and our love of vintage style for our favorite fashion dolls. Sold out.
Fame Color Wild FC FuturismFC
Fame- Twilight, Mad Men, repainters who make the stars, Laurie Leigh, Noel Cruz, Jenny Sutherland. Color- Exclusive preview of Ellowyne 2010! Gene Retires, meet Doug James latest doll, Seine, Photoshop tutorial. WILD- The debut of Deneuve, Ten for 2010, Cami & Jon, Lady Gaga pattern, CDCC winners. .Futurism- Event coverage Metrodolls, Tonner, Dollz in Oz, Ovaz, Baris repainting, future of collecting, paperdoll, future décor.
rarities Japan FC Fantasy FC Romance
Rarities- Celebrating the exotic, the alluring and the rare. Features new FDQ exclusive Devon by Paul Pham Rising Sun: SOLD OUT.Exclusive Ami Ayase, coverage of Tonner and FR cons, DAE and Lolaxs. SOLD OUT. Fantasy- Celebrating 20 years of Tonner, Virginie Ropars, Andrew Yang, Darian Darling, Volks.SOLD OUT Romance (Autumn 2011). Our first Dollheart exclusive, along with more Volks coverage, TonnerCon, GAW, Bleuette and Cordelia Shumaker.
Style FC Crafts Sproimg 2012 Fairy Tales Americana
Style- Including a look at the latest Ellowyne Wilde, Jason Wu's 10th anniversary, Kindred Spirits and BarbieCon coverage. SOLD OUT. CRAFTS- Spring 2012.Amelia Thimble, convention coverage,photo contest, Popi The Pop-Apart Doll SOLD OUT Fairy Tales- Summer 2012 Meet our Photo Contest Winners, OOAK Barbie fun, witches and princesses, more. Americana- Autumn 2012. Vita, Historical fashions, psychedelic Barbie, Kouklitas in Paris.
Rivals TechFC Music Literature
FRIENDS & RIVALS- Winter 2012. Ellowyne, Volks, Fashion Royalty, event coverage. TECHNOLOGY-Spring 2013. Features CityGirls, Caprice, Barbie, Kenvention and Puddle. Music- Summer 2013 Volks Tenshi-no-Mado, exclusive pattern, DeMuse, Numina. Literature-Autumn 2013. Gene exclusive J'Adore, Honey West paperdoll, heroines of Literature, TonnerCon, Barbie library.
TEN Mystery Summer14 Holiday2014
TENTH ANNIVERSARY, Winter 2013. Deja Vu, Vita, Somers & Field in resin. MYSTERY, Spring 2014. Kingdom Doll, rare Barbies, Detective Makeovers, Motorcycle cap pattern. Summer 2014-Architecture. Resin Madra, Pidgin paper dolls, KD tote pattern, Barbie's Cafe Today. Autumn 2014-Holiday. Meet the latest incarnation of Carmen, Archetypes and a stewardess pattern by Doug James.
Family Spring2015    
Winter 2014: Family, featuring Volks, Kingdom Doll, Littlechaps. Spring 2015: Design. Featuring Gene, Tressy, Horsman, Barbie.    
Special issue for IFDC in 2004 featuring Veronique Perrin. Sold out. Special event issue for first FR Convention in Canada. STOCK STILL AVAILABLE! IFDC special event issue featuring Kyori. Sold out. .A decade of Gene dreams! Cover by Mel Odom. Sold out
!Grant A Wish special issue featuring Barbie. Sold out. .Our first Volks Dolpa and the debut of our FDQ exclusive Olivia! Sold out. Grant A Wish 2006 featuring Susie, Ken and Barbie. Stock still available. Ahh, who else could it be but Barbie? Featured exclusive pullout poster. Sold out
Dreamscape Dolpa2 Virtual Barbie IDEX Tonner
Our first VIRTUAL issue (not in print) featuring Lady G, Tonner's resin BJD fashion doll Our third annual Dolpa VIRTUAL issue featured Irvin, an FDQ exclusive in 2008. Sold out. Our VIRTUAL Barbie issue for the "On The Runway". Includes pillbox hat and Dreamhouse makeover, official Mattel pattern. Tonner introduces Antoinette at IDEX and we have you covered! (Virtual issue, not in print).
celbration RockOn Ken50 Holiday12
Celebrate Barbie's 50th birthday! Rare prototypes, Becky giftset, artist dolls, Kens' place. Sold out. Rock On! Celebrating the 2010 Barbie Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, home of the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame! STOCK LEFT! Reunion! Celebrate Ken's 50th birthday. Includes exclusive pullout poster from Mattel. IN STOCK. Holiday 2012 all digital special issue! Take a look at holiday windows around the world!
Holiday2013 Holiday2014A    
Holiday 2013 DIGITAL ONLY Holiday 2014 DIGITAL ONLY