08 Letter from the Editor
13 Mens’ POV, by Ian Price
16 Newsfront: Pullip MIO
18 CONTEST! Dioramas & Sets
20 The Million Dollar Doll Mystery
22 Books: For The Love of A Doll
21 Events: Metrodolls Style Evolution
24 Events: A Wilde Halloween
32 Doll Comic Strip
By Cindi Mortensen
34 Flashback: From The Doll Mysteries Vault:
Case #8587 by Paul Bruce
96 Last Look: Shop Keeping



38 FDQ Exclusive: Kingdoll Doll Debuts
By Amanda Arnold
46 PetWORKS Newest Peach: Ruruko
by Rudi Teruel
49 The Awesome Eighties
By Carmen Varricchio
54 In Search Of Barbie Rarites
By Maryann Roy

60 The Lady Vaishes
By Ian Price

87 Who Dunnit? The CDS Owners Play Clue
By Dot Festeu



66 Where In The World is Poppy Parker?
By Denise Jefferson
74 Dressed To Kill
By Terri Gold
79 Who’s That Girl?
By Glenn Mielke


92 Ride On! Motorcycle Cap Pattern
By Miriam Shephard










Do you know Robert Tonner?






It has been a privilege and an honor to publish our latest book from FDQ Media, TONNER: Two Decades of Fashion & Design. This book is an overview of twenty years of the Tonner Doll Company plus many unseen archival photos and artifacts from Robert's career in the fashion industry. It's a must have for the Tonner collector, or anyone who loves fashion dolls.




If you are feeling a bit lost when you pick up your camera, we will take you through an easy check list to prepare your photoshoot and give you a list of tools and accessories our photographers keep on hand to create the best shots that you see in FDQ, both in studio and on location (or a little bit of both, as you can see on the left!)

We will also share the TEN THINGS YOU SHOULD NEVER DO WHEN SHOOTING A DOLL! If you avoid these pitfalls, you will have professional, elegant photos of your dolls, whether you are using the shot for your webpage, auction or for publication in a glossy magazine like Fashion Doll Quarterly.


















What's new at FDQ?


Happy New Year to you all! We are excited about entering our second decade of Fashion Doll Quarterly. All of your support and interest has been very gratifying and we look forward to your feedback and interest in the future.

The theme behind this issue is “Mystery”. The unknown, the obscure and the odd factoids that make us say, “I did not know that!” There are, of course, endless mysteries about dolls. Where did they come from, who made them for mass consumption first, where are they going in the future? Hard to answer them all, certainly; but our intrepid contributors do put forth quite a few interesting features.

First, of course, is who is the girl on the cover? It is my personal pleasure to be the first to exclusively introduce Kingdom Doll and their premiere dolls, “Nelson”, and our cover girl “Brighton”, using the Novantae sculpt. This company is the brainchild of our own Creative Director Alexandra Forbes, and Fashion Writer Amanda Arnold. These two British subjects have brought their love of country, beauty and fashion to the forefront with this exciting new line. This collection was developed in less than a year, and there are already multiple sculpts and lots and lots of magnificent fashions planned for these 16-inch resin ladies.



This is the doll I personally have been waiting for. These mannequins are lovely in a realistic, fashion-forward way. They are not over the top, nor are they trying to be “edgy” (the most overused word in the vocabulary of fashion). They are gorgeous, but timeless, and speak to the esthetic of modern fashion and style. And the details! A perfectly knit sweater (or “jumper” as the ladies would say), amazingly crafted shoes, perfect props like a working umbrella, and sublime wigs by Ilaria and face-up by James Mitchell. Kingdom Doll went to the best to bring you the best, and we guarantee you will be delighted when these divine creatures come to your door.



In addition to the Kingdom Doll debut, we also have fun features on PetWORKS latest addition, ruruko, stunning Barbie rarities from the collection of Patrick McGovern, fun with the game CLUE, and a look at Lorafina, a charming– but short-lived– fashion doll. We also have fun with the dolls we know so well, as Poppy Parker takes off on international adventures, brought to you by Denise Jefferson. We re-imagine some of your favorite dolls as famous detectives, with photography by Terri Gold. And Glenn Mielke has fun with some vintage ladies, all dressed in mysterious black.



On the cover: Kingdom Doll’s latest doll, “Brighton”, uses the Novantae sculpt, photographed exclusively for FDQ by Alexandra Forbes.

CORRECTION: IN OUR Winter 2013 issue, the byline for Sylvia Campbell’s atelier was left off. The photographer is Matthew Sky.